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Exploring the menu

The delicious simplicity of homemade dishes

Our garden vegetables hold a place of honour in the kitchen.

The authentic products of our land are an inspiration for so many recipes, season after season,  
as in our vegetarian dishes like bocconcini di melanzane (fried eggplant morsels), grilled green tomatoes and zucchini, and delicate sweet and sour onions.
Our vegetables only become more delicious in skilful combination with other ingredients: Our original pork salad with celery and olives - which must be tasted - is an excellent example.
Vegetables that you’ll also find in many first and second courses sugesstions, where tradition, personal experimentation and gastronomy cues from the other side of the Alps take turns in pleasant harmony.

Dishes that pay homage to Sardinia, like in the case of the gnochetti  alla campidanese, of Zichi bread with mushrooms, sausage and stewed lamb with artichokes, peppers and olives.
Our original ravioli with almonds, courgettes and carrots, exquisite lasagne with artichokes or asparagus, vegetable risotto and, for soup lovers, delicious thick soups and onion consommé.
Without overlooking, if you are a connoisseur, the tasty soup with snails, vegetables and potatoes.
Paired with an excellent wine from the local cooperative before finishing your meal with one of our delicious, homemade after-dinner drinks, among whichis the very appreciate d’ orange and coffee liqueur.